My mission is to empower millions of people to find the strength and conviction in their lives to achieve personal significance.

In my early twenties while training to be a professional athlete, I broke my back. This tragedy, compounded with the emotional scars of abuse as a young child, taught me how to accept and manage crushing disappointment, pain and frustration and turn anger into a positive force to help achieve my ambitions. Through these experiences, I discovered an important fact; that before any of us can improve our physical strength and fitness , we first must overcome those mental barriers preventing us from realizing our own potential. As human beings, we are very good at defending and defining ourselves by our own limitations. To foster self-belief and succeed, we must look inward and backwards, so that we can live outward and move forwards.

My mission is to empower millions of people to find the strength and conviction in their lives to achieve personal significance, because when we fail to overcome our limitations and avoid taking ownership of our own lives, we risk everything.

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