Training Video 7

Jay Cardiello, an entrepreneur in the Health & Wellness Space, a former writer for Verywell Fit covering men’s health and general fitness. For 10-years he served as a professional coach in such sports leagues as the NFL and MLB, and today has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as 50 Cent, JLO, Rami Malek, and Sofia Vergara. He is a TEDx speaker, has authored two best-selling wellness books, co-starred in the ABC Television production My Diet is Better Than Yours, and most recently developed a 12-Week Behavioral Intervention Program designed to treat addiction, PTSD, and obesity.

“Never give yourself the opportunity to ask what if” – Jay Cardiello

Lower Body Workout – Ep 7

Celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello, trainer of Kevin Love and 50 Cent, shares a 20-minute bodyweight circuit that helps you tone your body and burn fat anywhere, anytime.

Lower Body Workout | 1:30